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Ishq Allah

"God is Love, Lover, Beloved" - Rumi

Earth Turning

Tierra the Earth

Music with Melita

Olam Chesed Yibanei

Melita and Isaac

Rainbow Round Me

Preschool music class series

Open Up the Gates

From Light Within CD release show

"Ball of Yarn" by Melita

Lean on Me, with Isaac Zones

Three Little Birds

with Octopretzel

Peace Like a River

One of the songs from My Roots Go Down

There Was a Tree

If I Were a Song

Melita and Sarita at the Freight and Salvage

Break Through

Song therapy. Live from my kitchen,

Maoz Tzur, with Isaac Zones

A traditional Hannukah song with a little known English verse (translated from a later verse of the original Hebrew)

We Hold the Love

Performed with Lauren Arrow

Wise in the Ways

Recorded the day of the Womens March

The Beckoning

Performance in Oakland, 2016

My Roots Go Down

CD Release concert with Isaac Zones, Berkeley

"Butterfly" at La Pena

Hula Hoop

My Roots Go Down, with preschoolers

Papa Americano

My daughter Leilah a few years back in a Vaudevillian Stage Troupe (Vast) video filmed by Sarita Pockell, my band mate in Octopretzel

Get Ed

Another Vast Video with my daughter Leilah and friends. Directed by Sarita Pockell

Yonder Come Day

Octopetzel performs with Orange Sherbet

Performance with Lauren Arrow and Ila Cantor

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